Hyundai Motor launches "New Palisade" in Korea

Hyundai Motor Company has announced that it will launch an updated model of the Palisade called the "New PALISADE" and begin full-scale sales.

The new Palisade is a large SUV representing Hyundai Motor Company, inheriting the previous model's innovative spatiality, Wide and durable premium interior and exterior design New advanced safety and convenience features Stable driving performance and comfortable driving performance. to meet the needs of customers who lead a diverse lifestyle, ensuring the level of product quality.

The exterior completes the strong image by pairing a wider cascading grille with headlights and main intermediate running lights, while the interior features a high-tech integrated slim air vent and touch-sensitive air conditioning control unit to highlight luxury.

The new Palisade has greatly improved its competitiveness by adopting a 12.3-inch high-definition display LED headlight Smart cruise control Second row door glass with double laminated soundproof glass as standard on all trims. In addition, Highway Driving Assist 2 (HDA 2) Digital Key 2 Touch Power Steering 2nd Row Ventilated Seats Rear Parking Collision Avoidance System (PCA-R) 1st Row Comfort Seats with Relaxation Heated 3rd row seats, safety and comfort features were used as additional features to improve customer satisfaction.

The new Palisade kept the cabin quieter by increasing the thickness of the sound-absorbing material and minimized vibration during high-speed driving by improving the shock absorber.

Keeping in mind customers who want a differentiated premium experience, Hyundai has applied exclusive interior and exterior design and comfort features to the top of the Calligraphy cabin.

The new Palisade Calligraphy emphasizes luxury and elegance with various designs such as triangular-patterned parametric visor, bright chrome grille and intake grille, exclusive 20-inch wheels and quilted nappa leather seats. In addition, various new convenience features come as standard, such as 1st row comfort seat Smart remote parking assistance digital center mirror mood lamp 2nd row wing-shaped headrest, as well as an exclusive body color Robust Emerald Pearl is added to strengthen the product.

The New Palisade: 3.8 petrol model Exclusive Prestige

Calligrapher: diesel 2.2 model Exclusive Prestige

Palisade House is a space that conveys the leisurely and luxurious values ​​that Palisade pursues in artistic language with the best lifestyle artists in Korea. Palisade House consists of a "Gallery" where Palisade vehicles are on display, and a "Persona Room", a space where you can relax and enjoy the positive experiences that you can experience in Palisade.

The gallery space features The New Palisade, sculpture and media art together to present a sensual and premium lifestyle to clients and inspire the space.

Persona Room is a place that showcases the concept of decorating a space of leisurely daily life in different ways according to one's taste. Customers wishing to visit the Persona Room can make reservations on the Hyundai Motor website or Naver booking system, and anyone can visit the gallery displaying the New Palisade without an appointment.

Hyundai Motor will kick off its marketing spree with the launch of The New Palisade's "All Your World, New PALISADE" advertising campaign.

Your entire world is a high-quality video of everyday life that customers will enjoy with The New Palisade. It can be viewed on TV and on Hyundai Motor's official digital channel "About Hyundai (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook)".

In addition, Hyundai Motor Company will host various events for customers who visit the Palisade House and customers who contract and ship the new Palisade.

Customers who book a table at Palisade House are provided with coffee and souvenirs, and customers who participate in social media activities will receive various gifts, such as homemade cakes, through a lottery.

In addition, Hyundai Motor plans to display a special edition of The New Palisade at Hyundai Premium Outlets Songdo and Daejeon, and from June 11 (Sat) to June 12 (Sun) to contract and ship the New Palisade to customers, as well as deliver existing Hyundai SUVs. Approximately 100 teams will be selected from among the clients to host the "invitation to camping".

Hyundai Motor said the new Palisade will be the best vehicle to provide customers with an enjoyable and leisurely life, saying it allows both drivers and passengers to feel comfortable and safe behind the wheel of a premium class thanks to its spacious interior space and newly added high-performance specifications comfort.

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