Hyundai Tucson SUV named Turkish Car of the Year

Hyundai Motor Company announced on August 8 that its Tucson SUV has been selected as "Turkish Car of the Year" by the Turkish Association of Automobile Journalists (OGD).The Turkish Car of the Year Award Ceremony, held on the 8th, was judged by 64 auto journalists from the Turkish Automobile Association, and 7 cars were judged and finalized among the top 38 car candidates around the world.Evaluation items include △design △driving performance △ergonomics △fuel efficiency △carbon emissions △safety equipment △convenience features △price, etc. It was voted Car of the

Ssangyong Motor launches new Rexton Signature model

SsangYong Motor Company announced on the 1st that it will introduce and sell an all-new special edition Rexton Signature model with improved performance and improved product quality to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the launch of the Rexton brand. Rexton is a representative brand that has grown and developed, ranking first in the domestic large premium SUV market under the brand slogan "Korea 1%" in 2001. Ssangyong Motor explained that it was launched.The All New Rexton SIGNATURE includes exclusive details such as a black grille, black high-gloss fashion roof rack,

Hyundai Motor launches "New Palisade" in Korea

Hyundai Motor Company has announced that it will launch an updated model of the Palisade called the "New PALISADE" and begin full-scale sales. The new Palisade is a large SUV representing Hyundai Motor Company, inheriting the previous model's innovative spatiality, △Wide and durable premium interior and exterior design △New advanced safety and convenience features △Stable driving performance and comfortable driving performance. to meet the needs of customers who lead a diverse lifestyle, ensuring the level of product quality. The exterior completes the strong

Hyundai Motor Company launches Staria Lounge Limousine and Camper models

Hyundai Motor Company has announced the release of Staria Lounge limousine and camper models, a multi-purpose vehicle (MPV). Hyundai Motor plans to become a leader in the multi-seat vehicle market by introducing a limousine model that will provide new value as a business van and camping-optimized camper model. ◇Staria Lounge Limousine with Luxurious Design and High Space Efficiency The top-of-the-line Staria Lounge limousine delivers the best customer experience with best-in-class space and comfort features, including luxurious design. The exterior emphasized a sense of unity with a single-curve...

Hyundai Motor Company has unveiled the "New Palisade" for the first time in the world

Hyundai Motor Company unveiled the "New Palisade" at the 2022 New York International Auto Show (New York Auto Show) at the Jacob Javits Convention Center in New York, USA. The new Palisade is the first partially redesigned Hyundai Motor Palisade flagship SUV, introduced in November 2018. The new Palisade is a large SUV representing Hyundai Motors that, while inheriting the previous model's innovative spatiality, features a grander and more luxurious design, as well as improved competitiveness by adding new enhanced safety and convenience features. The combination of a wide cascading grille with...

Genesis Unveils X Speedium Coupe Concept

Genesis held a "Genesis House Design Night" for local media at Genesis House, the brand's comprehensive cultural space in the Meatpacking District, Manhattan, New York, where the X Speedium Coupe Concept (X Speedium Coupe) was unveiled. The X Speedium Coupe is a concept model that combines the Genesis design philosophy with a vision for the future. At the event, Genesis also announced plans for large-scale production and sales in the U.S. electric vehicle market, where global automakers compete. ◇X Speedium Coupe: imagine the future of Genesis electrification The X Speedium Coupe is a co...

Presented stylish Full-Wheel drive crossover SsangYong Torres

SsangYong has officially unveiled the new Torres crossover, which was named after the Chilean national park Torres del Paine. When compared with the well-known Rexton frame SUV, the Torres seems to be a car from a completely different manufacturer. The changes are enormous, both outside and inside. SsangYong Torres received a brutal design, massive bumpers, a

Korea wouldn't be Korea if it forgot to show off its state-of-the-art technology.

Korea wouldn't be Korea if it forgot to show off its state-of-the-art technology. This year, for the first time, such South Korean IT giants as SK Telecom and Naver take part in the auto show. They have recently been actively cooperating with local automakers, developing the direction of unmanned vehicles and models controlled via the Internet.

Became known the appearance of the updated Kia Seltos

The premiere of the Korean crossover took place three years ago, during which time the Seltos has not experienced a single global update. And finally, in mid-July, a new generation of crossover was presented as part of the Busan auto show. Without waiting for the official presentation, brand representatives published the first images of the restyled Kia Seltos. The front end was redesigned, the plastic styling changed in shape and configuration, and a new bumper was installed. The radiator grille has become noticeably wider, while the

The appearance of the Hyundai Ioniq 6 sedan became known

Hyundai showed photos of Ioniq 6 with extremely low drag coefficient. The sedan became a serial continuation of the previously presented Prophecy concept car The electric car will not have a classic radiator grille, door handles will be “hidden”, and compact cameras will be installed instead of side mirrors. The image from the cameras will be transmitted to special monitors in the cabin. A battery with a capacity of 77.4 kWh will be placed under the floor of the car, and a

Kia Carnival will go Hybrid.

Recently, photos appeared on the Internet showing test tests of the hybrid version of the Carnival, which means that the cross-country vehicle with an electric motor could go on sale in a year. Auto experts suggest that a new 1.6-liter turbocharged unit will appear under the hood of the Carnival, combined with an automatic transmission and an integrated 60 kW electric motor, a similar engine is installed on the hybrid version of the Kia Sorento, in total it produces 230 hp. There is also a more powerful installation in the line

Hyundai showed the new generation Grandeur sedan GN7

The seventh generation of the Hyundai Grandeur flagship sedan GN7 Compared to the sixth generation sedan, the new Grandeur looks significantly more expensive. Mainly - due to the large wheel arches, underlined by stampings. The window line has flattened out and stripped of chrome, making the proportions cleaner. The head optics scheme is borrowed from the Staria minivan: low and high beam headlights are located under the LED line of

The Korean concern Hyundai revealed the technical characteristics of the second-generation Kona crossover.

The Korean concern Hyundai has published a photo album and revealed the technical characteristics of the second-generation Kona crossover. Earlier, at the end of last year, only a few photos of new items were presented without technical details. Kona is built on the same chassis as the Hyundai Creta crossover produced in Russia, but is offered in the markets of North America, Europe and South Korea. In the new generation, the car has become larger: it has increased in length by 145 mm to 4350 mm,

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SsangYong Motor changed name to KG Mobility

After last year's acquisition of SsangYong Motor by KG Group, the automaker changed its name to KG Mobility, which certainly marks the beginning of a new era. The revived South Korean SUV brand promises to focus on electric vehicles, autonomous driving technologies and artificial intelligence. At the show in Seoul, which opens in a week, KG Mobility will present no less than sixteen concepts and production vehicles, and at the same time will talk about the details of its future strategy.  


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HYUNDAI SANTA FE 5th GEN 2024 "The All New Santa Fe (MX5)"

Hyundai "The All New Santa Fe" New Santa Fe 2024 A complete change, the 5th generation Santa Fe (MX5), scheduled for release in the second half of the year. Boxy, authentic SUV look accentuated by straight lines Air conditioning touch control, column-type shift lever and wide display. Gasoline, turbo-hybrid engine with a volume 1.6cc. 5 and 7-seater options. The debut of the novelty is expected in August 2023, as a model of 2024. The new Santa Fe has grown in size and is more boxy than the current Santa Fe. Headlights received a rectangular shape with an H-shaped

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Restyled Minivan Carnival Has Changed Externally And Received A Hybrid Version

The restyled Carnival appeared three years after the premiere of the modern model, presented in 2020. The minivan has LED headlights with daytime running lights in the form of angled stripes. In addition, the car has a different grille with a glossy finish. The shape of the bumpers has changed. The car received light alloy wheels in a new design. Having declassified the appearance of the Carnival, Kia did not disclose all the technical details of the updated model. It is only known that the minivan will have a hybrid version

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